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Lower friction. Faster results.
That’s the benefit of Pitts Self-ligating Braces.

We are thrilled to offer all of our patients in Miami Beach, Miami Shores, North Beach, and South Beach the option of getting Pitts Braces. The Pitts 21™ system is a low-friction, self-ligating system of braces that offers 3D control throughout treatment for accurate and predictable results. It features lighter appliances and more precise movement for shorter treatment times. Additionally, since they are self-ligating, Pitts braces don’t use rubber bands, making them more discreet than traditional metal braces.

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What Makes Pitts Unique?

Aside from advancements in comfort, speed, hygiene, and control, the Pitts system is unique in the placement of the actual brackets. Part of the Pitts system is Smile Arc Protection (SAP) and Vertical Incisor Display (VID), which means the brackets can be placed further up and closer to the gums on the tooth surface than traditional brackets. This increases tooth visibility, creates a curved smile line, and results in a more aesthetic smile — all while improving appliance performance.

Benefits of Pitts Braces

There are numerous benefits to choosing the Pitts 21 system for your orthodontic treatment. With this system, you will enjoy:

Shorter treatment times
Shorter appointment times
Smooth, rounded edges for maximum comfort
Brackets that fit closer to the teeth for less irritation and more comfortable wear
Easier brushing and flossing for better hygiene

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  2. After that, we’ll take digital x-rays and scans of your smile.
  3. Then, Dr. Rubensteen will examine your smile and your pictures.
  4. Finally, we’ll create a custom treatment plan just for you based on your lifestyle, your smile goals, and your budget.