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If you’re thinking about clear aligners and live in Miami Beach, Miami Shores, North Beach, or South Beach, you need to be thinking about Spark Clear Aligners. Spark uses a series of clear aligners that gradually shift your teeth into their ideal positions, just like Invisalign. The main difference is the material used to create the clear aligners and the fact that Spark Clear Aligners are only available to orthodontists who are specially trained, like Dr. Rubensteen.

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Benefits of Spark Clear Aligners

Spark clear aligners are made with TruGEN™, the latest innovation in clear aligner material. This material offers numerous benefits, including:

More comfortable
Smoother margins
More stain-resistant
Better tracking and efficiency than previous types of clear aligner material

How Does Spark Work?

During your consultation, Dr. Rubensteen will determine if Spark is right for your smile. If it is, he’ll then take a 3D scan of your teeth and use Spark’s special software to visualize your new smile and plan for your treatment.

After that, we’ll custom-fit your aligners to your smile, trimming them so that they’re extra comfortable. Then, Dr. Rubensteen will monitor your progress throughout your treatment with Spark, ensuring your teeth are moving into their ideal position for a healthy, straight smile.

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We can’t wait to meet you! Below is a rundown of what to expect during your first visit.

  1. First, we’ll get to know you to better understand your smile goals.
  2. After that, we’ll take digital x-rays and scans of your smile.
  3. Then, Dr. Rubensteen will examine your smile and your pictures.
  4. Finally, we’ll create a custom treatment plan just for you based on your lifestyle, your smile goals, and your budget.