Clear braces.

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Today’s braces are lighter,
smaller & more efficient.
Which is good news for your smile.

We’re so excited to offer everyone in Miami Beach, Miami Shores, North Beach, and South Beach the latest in traditional braces and clear braces. Now, while they may not be the quickest or newest method of straightening teeth, metal and clear braces have made real technological advances in recent years. Braces today are smaller, lighter, and more efficient than ever. And while some of the experiences may be similar, the materials are now stronger and more resilient to standard wear and tear.

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Metal Braces

The tried & true smile maker.

There’s a reason that traditional metal braces are still around. Their process for aligning your smile and your bite is still incredibly effective. They’re made from stronger materials and also use a more effective adhesive. The colored bands used with braces have also taken a giant leap forward. In fact, now rubber bands are stronger and more stain-resistant. So, whether you want to wear your favorite color, show your school pride, or represent your favorite sports teams, you will get a fun, new look every time you get an adjustment.

Clear Braces

Like traditional metal braces, only clear.

Our clear braces use natural-looking ceramic brackets that blend in with the color of your teeth. They are sculpted and then matched to your tooth shade, so they’re as discreet as possible. Another benefit of ceramic braces is that they can align your teeth more quickly than plastic braces. Plus, with regular visits and proper care, ceramic braces can give you a beautiful smile in less time and in fewer visits.

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  2. After that, we’ll take digital x-rays and scans of your smile.
  3. Then, Dr. Rubensteen will examine your smile and your pictures.
  4. Finally, we’ll create a custom treatment plan just for you based on your lifestyle, your smile goals, and your budget.